Friday 28 March 2014


Here we are already nearing the start of April. Although it often feels as if my life is grinding to a halt at the moment. The wondrous thing about the universe of course is that the year continues to march on regardless. A comforting thought. Lately, we've been watching the light change, sitting out the balcony, drinking in the warm air.

Then yesterday, I found myself quietly cleaning our homestead with spring on my mind...and snow whirling outside the windows. It's been snowing on and off all week.

Each morning, the sky has been the colour of raw silk. Then yesterday, the blue hues returned. A sprinkling of fresh snow capped the rooftops, the gardens, the young leaves on the pear tree.

Stepping outside I braced for the chill, and instead felt a balm I didn’t expect. Not a trace of chill in the gentle wind. Only a soothing touch in the air that promised that spring really is coming.

And so.

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