Monday 19 January 2015

shades of grey

{Edit: You can find this post and me over here from now on...} is once again today, winter grey. Snow flakes tumble from far above the mountains, swirling to the valley bottom to settle on rooftops, branches, the tongues of excited children.

Occasionally the sun sneaks out from behind the billowing clouds, bathing the valley in warming golden light. Occasionally the clouds part to uncover a radiant blue sky. But more often than not these days are tinged with grey. 

Some folks around these parts grumble about the grey, finding it monotonous, gloomy. Lying resting in bed looking up at the sky, I like it very much. I immerse myself in the greys and realise that it is not colourness. There is slate grey, blue grey, smoke grey, silver grey, dawn grey, sleet grey, winter grey, mist grey....The more I look, the more I notice there are not fifty, nor a hundred but a thousand shades of grey.

Of course I too love the blue sky days, when I can sit on the balcony and soak up the healing sunshine. But in between, grey is beautiful, versatile, soothing...

Monday 5 January 2015

due south

No way of knowing exactly where the path of this coming year will take me...
But I know where I'm headed today, due south back to the mountains* and my love.

* And if I'm very lucky, perhaps a little snow?

Thursday 1 January 2015

looking forward

2014 was a challenging year for me, for us.
My attitude tended to veer towards un-acceptance. Frustration. Sorrow.

But the earth kept on spinning round the sun. And now it is January once again.

For once, I'm not gonna try to "turn over a new leaf". 
The world doesn't change, we change.
Not who I am, but how I feel about myself.
About this

So this is 2015.

Where the past year was a collection of endless endings, then these months just about to unfurl will be surely marked by new beginnings.
Where the past year was tinged with a deep rooted despair, then we step forth into the blinding light of this new one with a renewed sense of hope.

So this is 2015. Welcome. 


Inspired by the gorgeous words of Rachel Violet: 

"Despite all the heartaches this last chapter has brought me, as 365 blank pages unfold I am filled to the brim with hope that day by day we will all be reunited with our health, happiness and love."