Tuesday 22 October 2013


I love this  in-between, autumnal time of year, with her orange sunrises and foggy mornings. 

I love waking up early, stepping out onto the balcony and enjoying a cup or rooibos whilst looking up at the morning clouds hanging low over the village...wondering if they will break and let the sun say bonjour or if they'll churn up a rainstorm instead.   

This is the typically foggy weather of the month of Brumaire, the second month of Revolutionary calendar which was momentarily adopted in the wake of 1789. Brumaire runs from mid-October to mid-November and expresses—rather than marks—Keats's season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.


  1. Beautiful photos. That first one is mesmerizing. There is something so mysterious and looming about fog, that makes me want to explore its every crevice.

  2. Yes, it is absolutely stunning here at the moment. This part of France was a favourite destination for plenty of Romantic poets (including Alfred Tennyson for the Brits and also Victor Hugo for the French). It's easy to see what drew them here on mornings like that!