Thursday 31 October 2013

farewell summer, welcome autumn

A rainbow over our valley, October 2013
Slowly but surely, it feels as if the darker days are getting further away. The rainbow has finally appeared after the storm.

The hillsides around the village are starting to turn from green to gold to rusty red.

Spring is usually thought of as the season of renewal. Yet for me this year it is in the Autumn that I can feel myself waking from my hibernation, venturing out into the world once again. Reconnecting with my surroundings, and slowly finding peace with my life and myself.

I've just got to remember to go slowly, that's all...

I hope this will also be true for the wider valley community as we move into Autumn and brace ourselves for Winter.


  1. Stunning photograph - nothing to brighten up a day like a rainbow :)

  2. That is a super photo - are you in a graveyard? ...I do like a good mountain graveyard, for some reason they make me ponder a little bit more about what the lives of the people would have been like!

    I tend to get the re-awakening feeling around this time of year...maybe its the chill on the air.

    1. I wasn't actually in the graveyard, but peeking over the graveyard wall.

      Personally, I'm not a massive fan of French graveyards - I find them very oppressive, morbid places. It seems odd perhaps to say, but there it's rare to find anything living in them - no grass, no trees and hardly ever real flowers on the graves. I find all that grey, the granite tombstones, the asphalt all around and the lurid fake flowers very unnerving...

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