Wednesday 19 March 2014

little sheep

This is a gift for a good friend whose first baby is due mid-April. She is Scottish and the wee bairn's papa is French and a cheese seller. So I thought a little sheep was quite appropriate, and perfect for tiny hands to clutch at. 

The improvised pattern turned out better than expected, although I might make a few adjustments to the shaping. Once I've done some more fiddlying with it, I might put it up here. 

I suspect I'll be making plenty more of these little lambs as having a baby seems to be pretty contagious round these parts at the moment...

Pattern: My own improvisation
Needles: 4mm
Yarn: Unidentified recycled acrylic

1 comment:

  1. He is wonderful! What a lovely chap. I think I also need to find a go-to-new-baby pattern the way things are looking! xx