Saturday 1 March 2014


The holidays are late this year. Like the first signs of spring, they took their time coming. But today is the start of the holidays, so the fortnight of lesson-free days has begun.

And I'm overwhelmed with a strong urge to get to know my sewing machine. Yesterday, I went to Pau with my sewing buddy in search of fabric for her wedding dress. I ended up coming back with a few metres of fabric myself. All I needed was a pin cushion.


I took a few oddments of yarn.
Followed this super easy pattern.
Stuffed it well with some carded wool.
Et voilà...a new pin-cushion knitted up in less than two hours.


  1. He is wonderful! He tickles me so much - what a lovely fellow! For a while I used to have a pet hedgehog named LittleMai and I do miss her terribly! I may give this a go over the next couple days if I can find enough wool scraps xxx

  2. Wow - my eight year old self is slightly jealous! I would have loved to have a pet hedgehog (or a pet otter) when I was a child! Will look forward to seeing your own version of this cute little pattern xxx

  3. Merci! C'est super facile comme modèle et super mignon!
    Bienvenue ici :)