Tuesday 5 August 2014

buttercup (hand-spun)

This was my first time experimenting with turmeric. I was hoping to produce a mustard-yellow yarn (I've got a burning desire to knit some mustard colour mittens for the autumn...). It ended up more like a buttercup, but I'm very happy nonetheless - especially with the heather effect I achieved by "tie-dying" the skein. 



Ingredients: 70g of washed and carded wool. The fibre used was white Barégeoise from Gèdre.
Spinning: Two singles spun from rolags in the Z direction, using the woollen technique.  
Plying: two singles plied in the S direction until balanced. 

Finishing: Wound off into a skein, washed and dried weighted to set the ply.

Dyeing:  natural turmeric, dyed in the skein (tied up with elastic bands)

Quantity: 70g giving 220m of finished yarn


  1. What a gorgeous colour! And such a nice blog. You just got yourself a new follower. :)

    1. Great to have you on board!
      (I've been enjoying catching up on your blog too!!) xx