Thursday 21 August 2014

planning a project

I've been spinning my own yarn for nearly six months now. In that time, I've accrued an array of samples, ranging from nobbly, bobbly (over plied yarns) to some fairly reasonable attempts. I'm starting to get a pretty good feel for how the wheel and spindle work and just generally what spinning is all about.

Although knowing how to card raw fleece and draft fibres is essential, I realise that they are not all I need to know to become a self-sufficient spinster. To be able to truly spin on my own, I need to be able to make all the decisions for planning a project before I even begin to weigh out my raw fleece. 

I don't want to become a spinner who guesses at my yarn needs, or bluffs my way through projects, hoping that I'll produce something usable only to be deeply disappointed with the end result.

And besides, aside from the folly of omitting it, I'm sure planning a yarn project from start to finish can be as rewarding and stimulating as any other part of the process. 

What I need is a project designed to reinforce spinning theories and my current set of spinning skills with practical experience taking me through the steps from fibre to fabric... be continued!

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