Tuesday 26 February 2013

the Batsurguere in a snow storm

Just a ten minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Lourdes, we find ourselves in the Batsurguere, a tiny valley, tucked behind the Pibeste massif.

As we arrive in the tiny farming hamlet of Omex, the snow starts to fall heavily, swirling around the car. A little outside the village, we park and strap on our snowshoes, heading out into the snowstorm. We're aiming for the Col d'Ech but soon realise it will be impossible in this afternoon's conditions.

It's hard to measure a snowstorm when the wind is howling around your ears and snow is blowing into your eyes, your mouth, your nose...

Up to our knees despite the snowshoes, we plough our way through the white stuff for about an hour. The snow drifts as we walk, enveloping us in clouds of white powder, momentarily blinding us.

We are not the only ones braving the storm this a afternoon. We stumble upon horses and cows huddled beneath trees...and a strange field of snowmen before turning back.

Now we are by the fire, warming ourselves with scolding tea and watching the snow continue to fall outside.

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