Thursday 21 February 2013


It’s not my first winter out here in the Pyrenees. But in the four years since I first set foot in the valley, I’ve never known a winter quite like this.

This year, winter has certainly kept us on our toes. It comes and goes, playing hide and seek with the Spring. In the space of a few days, the temperature can soar and plummet, just like a red-kite racing across the sky.In the past few days, the sky has gone from blue to white to grey back to blue again.

More snow is forecast for the weekend en altitude.

Today, the valley seems drained of colour. The lower hillsides without snow remain stubbornly brown. And the trees are still naked. I am desperately craving some verdure. 

But as the earth spins ever forward, moving us closer and closer towards the Spring Equinox, we can rest assured that Winter will slowly but surely start loosening her grip on the valley.

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