Monday 24 February 2014


These fell off my needles a few weeks ago but they lay forgotten until the other day.  I love knitting socks, espeacially when they purposefully turn out all higgledy-piggledy like these ones. The yarn was some more 4-ply unravelled leftovers that I also used for Nico's slippers. I knitted these up on smaller needles which made for a lovely compact, cozy texture. 

Without wanting to sound all showy offy, I don't tend to use a pattern when knitting socks. Mainly because I only ever make them for myself, but also because that was how I was taught. My Danish sister-in-law, the master sock knitter, never uses a pattern, and she showed me how to work out the increases and decreases as well as how to turn the heel and cast off the toe. 

But for the next pair of socks, I'd quite like to use a pattern so I can try out some kind of lacey knit, and who knows, maybe even a picot edge for the cuff?

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