Wednesday 12 February 2014


Another exhausting week at work, where there is nothing to do but keep going, in spite of the awful fatigue.

It leaves me wondering what I can should do to get on the road to recovery. Perhaps I should take a few weeks off to recuperate a little bit? But that would leave my students without a teacher, and me without an income. I feel so powerless, so lost faced when faced with this dilemma...

Thankfully, I have plenty of small, manageable projects to distract me between siestas. They occupy my fingers, and keep my mind from worrying too much. One of my favourite projects of the week has been untangling the mess of knots from my newly aquired yarn from last week-end, bringing order and calm to my recycled yarn stash. 

If only it were so easy to unravel my dilemma....


  1. I certainly believe that small projects are the best way to get through trickier times. Bites of the elephant and all that :) hope that next week proves easier for you xx

  2. Thanks for the thoughts and kind words - the last forntight has been thankfully much easier as I've been on half-term. xx