Friday 2 May 2014

birthday bear

A month ago, it was my birthday. In the morning, my chéri baked me a cake, first mixing salty butter with the sugar, eggs, dark chocolate and orange juice. He buttered the pan and then he buttered himself too. He licked his fingers a lot and let me lick out the bowl once the mix was in the oven.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence, there was always an afternoon tea to celebrate my birthday. Always a home-made cake to share. And always a little china teddy bear sat amongst the candles.

I had knitted a little ted to sit on top of the cake once it had cooled. We finished it off with some cowslips, one of our favourite edible spring flowers.

pattern: Molly, Toby and Jack by Sandra Polley from The Knitted Teddy Bear
yarn: 2 ply, wool yarn (fingering weight)
needles: 2mm

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