Thursday 2 October 2014

nère (spun)

I began spinning this naturally black fleece - “nère” - as the days started getting slightly shorter. With the arrival of the night a little earlier each day, I’ve started thinking about my plans for the darker (and colder) evenings.


Ingredients: 40g of washed and carded wool. The fibre used was black Barègeoise, shorn on the hillside during the Fête des bergers.

Spinning: Two singles spun from rolags in the Z direction, using a semi-worsted technique. .  

Plying: two singles plied in the S direction until balanced. 

Finishing: Wound off into a skein, washed and dried weighted to set the ply.

Quantity: 40g giving 56m of finished yarn

WPI: 9

Yarn Weight: DK

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