Thursday 24 October 2013

heavy dew, morning mist

Heavy dew and a strong autumnal sun made for a magical, misty morning stroll up in Gavarnie this morning. 

The Silver Birch and Beech trees are just starting to turn on the northern slopes, and the purple crocuses sprinkle the grass around the hay barns.


  1. Oh my goodness, Fran, it looks just stunning where you live. Paris can get so stinky and congested that I forget sometimes that this what the rest of this beautiful country looks like. What amazing and fresh environment in which to live. Can't wait to see more pictures, Lou xx

    1. Merci et bienvenue Lou!
      Yes, it is a wonderful place to live (when we aren't being hit by floods, avalanches or earthquakes...!!!)

  2. oh my god!!! this place seems so surreal. it's like coming out of a fairytale book. my knees weakling