Tuesday 1 October 2013

pastures new

Summer ended in a flurry of planning and packing for a brief sojourn back to homeland for me in Dorset (UK) in September. I returned to France in the last weekend of September, refreshed, revitalised and ready to get stuck into new projects and adventures!

Back in the valley, I was greeted by autumnal weather. Yesterday morning, I woke up in the dark, and there was frost on the roofs. As the last of the lingering tourists and curistes head back to their homes, the village is becoming quiet again.

In the Pyrenees, the autumn is always a time of ebb and flow...a season for change...a time for new adventures.

With the first sprinkling of snow up on the summits, it will soon be time to bring the animals from the high summer pasture lands back down to the fields around the valley.  We will wake up one morning soon to find all the leaves have changed.

Old things are coming to an end. New things are happening...and we're looking forward to exploring new pastures and having new adventures!

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