Thursday 30 May 2013

in between

This last snowfall could keep it all hidden until mid-June, for all we know. 

The snow seems to be reigning supreme this year, punctuated by flirty peep shows from a baking hot sun.

Snowfall, sunshine. Snowfall, sunshine.
Hidden, revealed. Hidden, revealed.

Winter's game of peekaboo continues, whilst Madame Printemps is trying to nose her way through the grey skies and smile on the earth below.

Whenever we get the chance, we throw open the windows and let in the clean, fresh Spring breezes. Even better, we head out with picnic baskets and seek out the sporadic sunny patches in lush green grass for a few hours of content sunbathing.

I can't wait until the earth is warmed up enough for planting our garden, wearing long dresses and wild camping without the shivers. 

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